Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am writing this tonight from Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been unable to update due to some computer problems, but my dad decided to buy a new laptop today! {gotta love Dads!} I don't have any way to load pictures at the moment without downloading software, and digging out cords, and lets face it...I'm just too tired for that! I promise I will share pics soon!
Yesterday we went to Yellowstone, and it was absolutely breathtaking. The last time I was there I was 4, so it was like a whole new experience. The scale of the park alone is unbelievable.
If you haven't been...GO!
We're now in Salt Lake visiting my dad's aunt and cousins. Tomorrow we're venturing downtown to see the Tabernacle. We're also going to go to the copper mine and to Park City and on a train ride over the next couple of days...I can't remember what it's called. If anyone has suggestions of things to do in Salt Lake City, please let me know!
I am so very tired now, but I promise I will update again....hopefully with pictures! {I hate entries with no pics!} Goodnight everyone!
{Jon, if you're reading this, I love you and miss you bunches!!!}

Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm really gonna miss him...

I'm packing to leave on a week long road trip with my dad and sister...

We're loading up the family truckster and heading out in the morning...

We'll see Yellowstone, and Salt Lake...

We're going to have a ball...

But I'm really gonna miss him...
I love you Jon Jon, and I will miss you terribly!  
xoxo, jen

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

love my life...

As I type this I can hear the neighborhood kids putting on a show for their parents.  They even have chairs set up for the audience.  As far as I can tell it's some sort of talent show.  The kids are doing tricks on the jungle gym and the parents applauding.  So cute!  One little girl even has on a top hat!  We watched them out out kitchen window for a bit, taking in how awesome our new neighborhood is.  We love it here, and can't wait to grow a family here.

I just signed us up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure here in Kansas City on August 9th, so it looks like I'll be doing 5k #2!  Hopefully I can get in some runs before then!  We'll be doing it with friends, so it should be fun.  

And now, I share with you a somewhat embarrassing photo of myself finishing the Lenexa Freedom Run.  I'm not sure why I'm subjecting you all to this, but hey, look at me totally kicking that old guys butt!  ha ha!  I was just so happy to be crossing that finish line!
I'm loving my life this week.  My husband, my home, and all the exciting things that are on the horizon.  Hope you all are having a great week too! 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

look what was in my mailbox!...

The Te Amo Heart made by Lolo from my sweet Amanda for my birthday! 
Thank you so much Amanda!  I love it!  Now I just need to find the perfect place to hang it!  

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

If you're looking for a cool refreshing summer cocktail I highly recommend this one.  I made this recipe last weekend for a party and it was delicious! 
 {I made mine with gin instead of vodka, because that's what I had on hand.  I'm sure it would be good without the alcohol too for you non-drinkers.}
Cheers to Friday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hump day...

Things have been a bit crazy in my world as of late.  Between etsy orders, non-etsy orders, throwing parties, painful back injuries and busy 9 to 5, I've kinda lost track of blogging.  I'm sorry!  
My John Wayne Silhouette Chalkboard was featured in a treasury today!  It's my first treasury feature, so this was a bright little ray of sunshine in an otherwise hectic day...

{click on the pic to go to the "Many faces of John, Who?" treasury on Etsy}

I was also contacted by Tammy from the blog 
Milk and Cookeez on Saturday.  
She did a nice little feature on my shop.  Thanks Tammy!  
You should check out her blog, it's adorable! 

I think all this Etsy love is bringing me out of my funk.  I'm on the mend people!  I will see you soon!  Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Leiwald & Lydia Eggemeyer...

I spent last weekend doing four custom photo collages for my mother-in-law using her parents wedding portrait.  I gave her one like this for christmas year before last and she wanted me to create one for each of her siblings. 
It felt so good to get back to creating things!  Since we moved, I haven't really done any projects. I'm really pleased with how these turned out.  
As I worked on them, I couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking when this picture was taken, and what their wedding was like.  I remember having our wedding pictures taken, and all the things going on around us, and the thoughts running through my head.  They look so calm, but I'm sure they were full of excitement just like every bride and groom.  I hope I did them justice, and that their kids enjoy what I've done with this very special family picture.  
{to order your own custom collage, visit my shop}

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This morning I ran my first 5k! 
I've been running for a while, but have never ran a race til this morning.  I did the Lenexa Freedom Run with my step-dad, sister and some family friends.  It was lots of fun!  

As they played the star spangled banner before the race began, I stood there with my hand over my heart and looked around at Old Town Lenexa and all the great americans lined up to start the run.  I got a little choked up thinking about how great our nation is and how proud I am to be an american.  

This afternoon we went to a barbeque at my mom's and this evening we're going to go watch some fireworks.  I always really look forward to the fireworks, my favorite part of the 4th!

I hope you all are having happy and safe Independence Days!  
Happy Birthday America!  
{Me and Lydia before the race}

Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy birthday to....

That's right folks, today I am 29.  I don't quite know how that's possible, but I am.  I've been under the delusion that I have been something like 24-25 for some time...I'm to that point where I actually have to think about how old I am to figure it out.  

I have alot of things that I've always thought I would accomplish by the time I am 30, so this year, it's on!   I'm looking forward to it.  Here's to the last year of my twenties!  Hooray!

I have dinner plans tonight with my dad and family, and more festivities to be determined over the weekend.  It should be fun!   

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

happy birthday amanda!

Today is my best friend's birthday.  That's right, the mama of that little cutie pie from yesterday.
I've known Amanda for a very, very long time.  She's not just my best friend, she's like my sister.  We met on the first day of first grade, instantly bonding over the hairstyle misfortune of another classmate.  {that's a story in and of itself} We just got each other instantly.  In fifth
 grade, she moved away, but somehow we managed to stay the best of friends.  
I guess that's just what happens when you find someone who's soul you connect with.  Amanda has been there for me through everything, always just a phone call away.  
It's amazing to me that we were able to
 stay such good friends as kids without cell phones and internet.  We did it the old fashioned
 way:  15 minute allotted increments of long distance time, letters, and summertime visits. 
I don't know what I would have done through the years without you, Amanda.  Thanks for being my best friend for 23 years!  I love you girlie!
 I wanted to make a list of all the things I love about you, but that list would just be too long.
  We've got so many memories that I don't even know where to begin.  I'll just say it like this: 
 I love you cause you're you.  Happy birthday! ~jen